Sideways Times is a UK-based platform for conversations which in different ways link together struggles against ableism, white supremacy, capitalism and heteropatriarchy.

Sideways Times aims to connect theory and practice and contribute towards a culture of learning and creative thinking within our movements. We hope it can create space for collaboration which supports the work we do together building collective resistance and liberation. The types of questions we are grappling with include:

  • How do we connect struggles against border controls, incarceration, surveillance, welfare cuts and politics of scarcity in the context of Britain’s colonial legacy?
  • What kind of ‘infrastructure’ is needed to build sustainable and autonomous movements challenging state and institutional violence?
  • How can we most effectively work with, against and beyond institutions (state, NGOs, academic)?
  • What alternatives are we building?

Currently Sideways Times hosts a monthly podcast by Lani Parker, which specifically talks about the politics of disability and disability justice. In this podcast, Lani hopes to have many conversations which broaden, deepen and challenge our understandings of how we work against ableism and how this connects to other struggles.

As the the site develops, we hope this space can host many different types of discussions and conversations, as well as other content in different formats (e.g. blog posts, written interviews/conversations, archival material, videos…). We want this to be a collaborative space that encourages deep and critical thinking and creativity, and we are more concerned with exchange of ideas and knowledge than we are with ascribing to labels or fixed political perspectives.

We would like to thank Marion Dawson, Terese Jonsson, Katherine Ludwin, Rehanna Neky and Kaya Völke for their assistance.

If you have any ideas for the blog, are interested in contributing or would like to take part in these conversations please get in touch! (Use the contact page or email sidewaystimespodcast[a]gmail.com)


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