Listening Space details

The coronavirus pandemic and the response to it has exacerbated attitudes and structures of ableism, racism, classism and cis-hetero-patriarchy. Many of us are building spaces where we can support each other and mitigate the effects on those most impacted.

The Listening Space is an opportunity to listen, share our experiences and wisdom and have space to process and work against The Listening Space picturethe oppression we are faced with and the situation we are in.

This is not counselling, instead this is a space where we have time to listen to and support each other. The space is aimed at those who have lived experience of being disabled, neurodivergent or with a long-term health condition but others are welcome.

We will acknowledge and reflect on our different positions in relation to this crisis and the oppressive structures which we are living in.

The group takes a similar format each week, beginning with a short grounding exercise/meditation, and we work on ensuring ground rules and access needs are met.

We meet weekly on a Thursday 6-7.45 BST. The next sessions are Thursday May 7th, Thursday May 14th and Thursday May 21st and Thursday May 28th.

For more information or to join, contact us via or DM @SidewaysTimes or call Marion on 07591 702849. If you want to, you can tell us about any access needs you have.

We will send the Zoom link to you on the day.

2 thoughts on “Listening Space details”

  1. This sounds amazing! I don’t know if I will make it at 6 today but would like to get updates.

    Had a recent diagnosis of cptsd, something I have been living with all my life.

    Would love to meet w you guys in hf an hr but chances not good, please keep me updated. Thanks


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