Reading and Discussion Group – Next Meeting – 5th March

nobordersThis is a space to talk about the politics and practice of building sustainable movements that build a different society – one which is not based on structures of white supremacism, ableism and capitalism – within a UK-context. This is the first meeting of this group and so we’ll talk about how it might be developed in this meeting.

Sideways Times is a UK-based platform for conversations which in different ways link together struggles against ableism, white supremacy, capitalism and heteropatriarchy. It aims to connect theory and practice and contribute towards a culture of learning and creative thinking within our movements.

This month we will again be discussing Harsha Walia’s Undoing Border Imperialism. There’s lots to discuss here, so thought we could look at the themes in more detail, and bring other perspectives in. The book’s blurb describes it in this way:

Drawing on the author’s experiences in No One Is Illegal, this work offers relevant insights for all social movement organizers on effective strategies to overcome the barriers and borders within movements in order to cultivate fierce, loving, and sustainable communities of resistance striving toward liberation. The author grounds the book in collective vision, with short contributions from over twenty organizers and writers from across North America.

Although this book is written from a North American perspective, some things we could discuss are whether and how it is relevant to the UK and building transnational movements. Possible topics for discussion include:

  • What is useful about the book for thinking about sustainability and growth for social movements?
  • How is it relevant to building a liberation politics that has a disability justice focus
  • Does it connect with you at a personal and/or collective level?

Obviously you are not expected to read the whole book, or read the book at all! We’ll just use it as a starting point so it doesn’t matter if you only read one or half a chapter. You can also read these short blog posts, or just come along with your ideas:
Part One and Part Two. There is also an interview with Harsha Walia in the Feminist Wire in which she talks about some of the issues addressed in the book.

This meeting will be held at the Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Road, London N7 8RH, on Tuesday 5th March, from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

The nearest Tube station is Caledonian Road (this is wheelchair accessible) and the nearest Overground station is Caledonian Road and Barnsbury (also wheelchair accessible). Nearby buses include 153, 259, 17, and 91. There will be vegetarian food available – probably three-bean chilli (vegan).

The venue is wheelchair accessible. There are two sets of toilets which will be gender neutral for the evening.  One set of toilets has three urinals and two cubicles one of which is wheelchair accessible.

The other set of toilets has three cubicles one of which is wheelchair accessible there are grab rails around the toilet and sink with a lowered sink and also an emergency pull cord and mirror! There is also a handle on the door of the accessible cubicle which could make it easier to pull closed.  The door to enter the toilet block is not automatic.

Unfortunately the venue cannot be guaranteed to be fragrance free.

If you need further specific information please contact us!

There is no childcare provided but kids are welcome!

Please let us know if you have any questions, and if you are intending to come, either by using our contact form or by emailing

Hope to see you there!

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